Expensive escort services

Italians say “Always cross the road escorted by a stunning woman”. A lot of modern men that have luxury cars, own yachts and know what do they want from their life have similar view on that subject. That’s why they always choose only the most glamorous women. Lady Valentine is an elite agency in the Amsterdam area that offers expensive escort services of impeccable quality.

We will help you choose the most stunning escort lady that will always be in a good mood for you. She will accompany you to cocktail dinner, business meeting, will make an unforgettable romantic evening for you and just be a pleasant company at any occasion. Charm, feminine attitude, intelligence and sex appeal – what else can a man demand from a woman escorting him?

Who are those girls?

Our escort girls have a vivid distinction from ordinary girls. They are glamorous, smart, charming and sexy. This pretty package arouses only one desire – to have her near you. A lot of beautiful women have their faults – they are too talkative, too boring, too cheeky… Our escort ladies – are a totally different story. And you can see that for yourself.

Our elite escorts can nicely present themselves, look after themselves, can keep up the conversation and precisely know their role. She will present you in a most favorable light, will boost up your prestige and will portray you as a wealthy masculine man.

What will we guarantee

  • Quality and absolute discretion
  • High-class escorts directly to your door or hotel room
  • Speedy service: knocking on your door within half an hour
  • We are a professional and fully licensed organization

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you are interested in Lady Valentine escort services (Amsterdam area). We are always glad to have you as our customer.