Pimps & Hoes
21st of April

After the great succes of our last themeparty we are ready to top it once more with the upcoming one. On Thursday the 21st of April we present you : Pimps & Hoes . We will make it a night were all the stereotype thoughts come together. Our girls will go out of their way to overdo their dressing up and make this club “over the top”. They are already preparing on what to wear and how to act and are anxious to take you on a tour into the crazy world of Pimps and Hoes. What better place to be than at Club LV to party all night, drink, celebrate life and do what you secretly always wanted to do behind the closed doors of a luxury brothel?

If you already are familliar with our themepartys you know you don’t want to miss it. Escape the hectic world for what it is for one night and step into the carefree world we’ll proudly create for you. We promise, as we always do, you will remember it for a long time to come…..

See you then…
With Love
Club LV