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Lady Valentine is a high-class escort in Amsterdam. Our beautiful escort girls are not only good in pleasuring you; they are carefully selected for their elegance, style and personality just to fulfil your expectations of a high-class escort. They are ready take over the world with you. They will do whatever they can to make you have a good time. If you are looking for a fun evening that is full of pleasure, then Lady Valentine Escort Amsterdam will be the perfect choice. What starts as hanging out together at a party or business meeting will end in fulfilling your most desired dreams.



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We carefully select the candidates for our exclusive escort service. We have high standards and strict requirements for the ladies.



For your comfort and relaxation we have 8 rooms available in our own exclusive sexclub, called Club LV. Each room has an unique design, is equipped with a comfortable bed and a bathroom.


Whatever way it is you want a girl to handle you between the sheets, you can count on it with a Lady Valentine escort girl; whether it requires a wild tiger or an innocently sweet pussycat. And best of all? It is your moment together, and it will remain this way even after our escort has left the premises. That is called discretion, and if we could not guarantee you our full discretion, Lady Valentine would not have been here today either.

You will experience how it feels like being in the spotlights. You earn street creds just by walking through Amsterdam accompanied by a Lady Valentine escort girl. Also, your peers and business partners gain massive respect for you for your eccentric taste in women. It is a win-win for everyone. Everyone around you has the pleasure of being in the presence of one of our very sociable and hot escorts, but only you will get to experience what our girls can do when everyone around you has left.


It sounds like it is too good to be true, but we would not be the longest-running escort service in the Netherlands if that was the case. We have the girls and the experience to make even the hardest to please men smile out of pleasure. During a business meeting, our high-class escort girls will assist you in converting conversations into business deals. During a social gathering, our escort girls will help you meet new people you had never speak to otherwise. And if that does not satisfy you, do not worry; we have saved the best for last. Because what comes after the meeting will put a smile even on the most picky man.


Lady Valentine also has a sexclub in Amsterdam, but we understand if you cannot come over. Rather than coming to us, our high-class escort girls will come to you. Your dream date will be knocking on the door of your choice within half an hour. Simply let us know your type, and we can arrange the right girl for you. We offer all kinds of gorgeous escorts, from delightful Dutch beauties to exotic international temptresses. On our website you can see a selection of our beautiful escort girls. Feel free to take your time to pick one, we know that it’s a tough choice to pick one when they’re all as high-class as our Amsterdam escort girls. That said, why pick one, when you can pick two? Your wish is our demand.

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